Rules 2022

Periodicity: every two years
Date: January 31- February 6, 2022
Place: Academic Music College at Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Organizing Committee decided to hold the Fifth International "Young Organist" Competition in 2022 in an ONLINE format.

  • The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory
  • Academic Music College at Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory
  • ОАО "LIRA"
  • To identify talented performers
  • To enhance international music contacts relating to organ culture and organ education
  • To improve the professional development of young musicians and their teachers
  • To facilitate the exchange of pedagogical experience between Russian and foreign schools
  • To promote the prestige of academic musical culture and creativity among young people
  • To maintain the best Russian musical traditions and to create the new ones
  • Popularization of Russian music for organ

  • The competition is for young organists who reached the age of 22 to the competition date.
  • The competition is held in three age groups:
  • I group: until 12 years of age (full years)
  • II group: 13 to 16 years of age (full years)
  • III group: 17 to 22 years of age (full years)
  • In group I is held in one round, in group II and III in two rounds.

  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded to the winners in each group, as well as the titles of laureates and diploma holders.
  • The Jury reserves the right not to award all the prizes or to divide the prizes among competitors
  • The decisions of the Jury are final
  • Diplomas will be sent to the laureates and diploma holders of the competition at the postal address, as well as in electronic form by e-mail
  • Special awards may be given by state and public organizations, the media, institutions, and companies, subject to the approval of the Organizing Committee and the Jury
  • Prizewinner’s concerts in Russia and abroad will be given upon the Jury's decision​

  • In order to participate, it is necessary to send an email to the Organizing Committee at before December 10, 2021. (Please, specify the subject of the email: “Young Organist-2022”.)
  • In agreement with the Organizing Committee, it is possible to send the video later than the main set of documents, but no later than January 20, 2022.
  • All videos of the participants will be published in open access on the official website of the competition.
  • By submitting an application for participation in the contest, you agree to the terms of the competition.
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to limit the number of participants in each group.
  • Acceptance of applications may be terminated prematurely, as the Organizing Committee will notify on the official page of the competition.

List of the documents to be submitted:
  • Application form (filled out in the form on the official website of the competition).
  • A copy of the birth certificate or passport
  • Photo for the booklet
  • Video recording of the competitive performance (for groups II and III - recording of both rounds).
  • Confirmation (download the form) with the teacher's signature that the recording was made without additional video and audio processing.
  • The disposition of the organ on which the recording was made.
  • The entrance fee is 3,000 rubles or 40€. In case of refusal to participate in the competition, the registration fee is not refunded. (We will send you bank details in a reply email after receiving your documents. A receipt for the payment of the entrance fee will be sent to you after confirmation of payment)
Photo requirements for the booklet:
  • High-quality colour photo
  • neutral background
  • portrait type
  • min. resolution of 600 dpi;
  • the file size of at least 2MB;
  • JPG, PNG formats

Video recording requirements:
  • It is desirable to make a video recording on a pipe organ.
  • The entire program is recorded on the same instrument.
  • Each part of the program must be recorded as a separate video file; parts of the same work shouldn't be separated.
  • The shooting must be done in good quality (resolution not lower than 720p, horizontal format), without acoustic dips; editing of audio and video tracks is not allowed.
  • The video camera should remain static during the entire recording, the performer's hands should be clearly visible, the performer's appearance should be clearly identified. The appearance and clothing must correspond to the concert performance;
  • The assistant should not block the performer;
  • As proof that the video recording is intended exclusively for the competition, at the beginning of the recording, the performer, assistant or teacher pronounces the first and last name of the participant, the date of recording and the name of the competition in front of the camera;
  • The description of the video must indicate the name of the participant, the group, the composer and the title of the work, the place and date of recording;
  • The video is sent as a link, which should lead to one video on YouTube; the video should have the status "Link Access"; access should be granted only for the email address

  • The competition schedule will be published on the website no later than January 27, 2022.
  • On the appointed day of the audition, videos of the participants of the corresponding group will be published.
  • Videos are published in alphabetical order.
  • The results of the auditions will be announced on the competition website according to the schedule.
  • Video recordings of the competition participants can be broadcasted on radio and television, as well as published on social networks.
  • The participants of the competition have no rights and privileges to this material.